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SHOCKTOBER: White Noise October 14, 2009

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the idea behind White Noise, that audio and video recording devices can act as a tool/a portal, is an eerie thought and a fantastic premise for a horror movie.

When the unexpected happens, architect Jonathan Rivers has become a grieving widower, wallowing in deep confusion over the death of his wife. But a paranormal expert approaches Jonathan with the unlikely: the ability to hear his wife from beyond the grave. Through a form of unusual communication known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Jonathan will finally be able to see his wife. But in doing so, Jonathan has drawn himself into a much more complex situation when his curiosity becomes an obsession. Only that obsession will have him confront those not of this world, and some of them don’t approve of Jonathan’s interference with their destructive nature.

*sigh…unfortunately, this film did not reach the captivation i was looking for.

i know that EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenom) exists and believe in it.  but this movie just takes it to a ridiculous comedic level.  it almost makes fun of EVP instead of being an understanding film dedicated to that subject.  really, people get killed by EVP?  that’s a hokey way to portray things.  and this subject is hard for many people to believe on it’s own.  i think they did a poor job at portraying a fascinating phenomenon.  it was disappointing.  it was NOT scary.  it was pathetic.  and although i love Michael Keaton, especially in Batman, he should pick better movies…

❤ kt