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kt & pk’s 2009 Halloween costume November 1, 2009

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On the left, Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

On the right, Sam from the movie Trick ‘r Treat.



Our Halloween costume! (yes, it’s late…) November 28, 2008

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Katie and I were Leech Woman and Blade from “Puppet Master.” Almost no one knew who we were, though we expected that. But a few people did!

Here’s what they look like in the movies:


martha stewart’s pumpkin October 30, 2008

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i heart martha stewart.  seriously, she is incredible.  sometimes a little overwhelming with her “and that’s a good thing” motto.  i found her version of a decorated pumpkin facinating and absolutely ridiculous:

Pixel is ready for Halloween October 14, 2008

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okay, so i might already be addicted to buying her cute things to wear.  it’s only been three days.  but she is so darn cute that i can’t help myself.  I found this lil’ Halloween t-shirt at Old Navy, size XS.  It fits her perfectly.  although, any tighter and it would be too small.

i also found some adoreable clothes at this bay area store called “Happy Go Lucky.”  after we picked Pixel up from the shelter, my cousins advised us of this sweet dog boutique that we just had to check out.  they have really yummy dog treats as well.  Pixel really liked the dog cookie and apple wrapped chicken treat!

being the big Halloween fans that pk and i are, we just had to ensure that Pixel sport our passion.  what will she be for Halloween???  that is my next project!

michael meyers is an angry emo kid March 6, 2007

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ugh. rob zombie, i hope you know what you’re doing. have a look at the “young” michael meyers in the upcoming halloween remake. thank god clive barker is writing the re-envisioning of hellraiser that’s supposed to come out next year. thanks, bloody disgusting.