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our lil’ getaway trip to santa monica November 10, 2009

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001okay, we don’t live THAT far away from santa monica, but the fact that we don’t have a car makes going places a bit more epic.  we decided that we needed a little tiny vacation.  our good friend, skip, watched miss pixel and we took off for our adventure.  pk planned the evening and i was excited to see what he had up his sleeve.

our first stop was checking into our motel. THAT was an interesting venture. it was a little scary ‘Bates-like’ motel. there was graffiti on our door, a hole in the wall and comforter, and a scary ‘someone might have died in here’ presence. sometimes, being cheap doesn’t pay off! but it sure made for a great laugh throughout the night!

we dropped our stuff off, hoping that it would still be there when we returned later in the night.

our next stop was the santa monica boardwalk. there are always fun people watching to be had on this boardwalk.


004we found out that Circus de Soliel had set up shop next to the boardwalk to perform their KOOZA show.  something we marked on our to-do list.

pk had planned on walking down the boardwalk to the end, where a glorious mexican restaurant sat perched at the tip.  we have visited this boardwalk before, and gawked at the delicious seafood burritos this place lured it’s customers with.

pk and i sat in the back, overlooking the ocean.  the sun was now starting to set, which was perfect timing, might i add.


we ordered the sloppy pile of chicken nachos and our giant mugs of dos XX while listening to a acoustic serenade of romantic ballads.  it was perfect.


after a fun getaway trip to santa monica, pk and i decided to make our own pizza for dinner on sunday night.  i ran to trader joes to get some pizza dough.  for only $1.09 or so, their pizza dough is affordable, delicious, and premade!  i also grabbed a jar of marinara sauce.


we added yellow squash, mushrooms, onions, peppers, grated fontina and aged gouda cheese, and popped it in the oven.  it was a glorious end to our wonderful weekend!!!



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