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BSG panel July 23, 2009

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Richard Hatch hosted the Battlestar Galactica panel, with appearances by Michael Taylor/Producer, Bear McCreary/Composer,  and Tom DeSanto/Producer.

the panel was purely Q&A style, giving the fans the opportunity to lead.  most of the questions were very thought provoking.  i love it when people ask meaningful good questions!  here’s some of what was discussed that was worth mentioning:

strong female characters – the female characters in BSG talked to each other, dicsussing more than just men & emotional issues.  while there were elements of racism, there was a gender of equality on the show.  there were no strong females, just strong characters

theology – mormonism was hinted throughout the seasons.  this came from Glen Larson, being a mormon himself.  from the original series, they used a lot of ideas from the book ‘Chariots 0f Fire.’

‘Daniel’ – cylon model IS NOT  Kara Thrice’s father.

integration of “All Over the Watch Tower’ – part of the storyline that has grown with the seasons. Ron Finch, the Line Producer, came up with the idea and its implications, which was a daring creative choice.  it was never implied that Dylan actually wrote the song.  in fact, song has been handed down by the Gods.  Anders actually played it on his guitar a long time ago.  and they decided for the finale, that the 12 notes of the song lead them to Earth.

Tom noted that the first season of Battlestar occured right after 9/11.  in fact, it was originally supposed to air on FOX, but was thought to be too intense and SciFi picked it up.  much of the first season script was mirroring society and its reaction to the tradgic event.  There was a moment where we never had a great war, then we were flung into the middle of one, without any preparation for it.

overall, it was a very insightful panel.  i really enjoyed the back stories to decision they made while writing/producing Battlestar.  thank you for putting this together Richard Hatch!

❤ kt



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