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my dream came true! June 23, 2009

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i love Kiefer Sutherland.  this is a long commitment that i made when i was very young and feasted my eyes upon the scrumptious blood sucking vamp in The Lost Boys.  during my first Friday night in LA, i joined pk and his fellow G4 crew at this dive bar, Ye Rustic Inn,  for some chicken wings.  after a few hours of great conversation, empty pitchers, and a pile of bones, a turned around to view the crowd when i noticed a beautiful face in the crowd.  Mr. Sutherland was sitting right behind me!

i froze and just stared.  realizing that i was starring, i whipped my face back around.  i calmly got up and went outside.  i screamed with joy and started dialing my mom for comfort.  with no answer, i started down the list of friends to spread the news.  then i realize, omg!!!  get inside and talk to him!!!

i ran back in and he was gone.  was this a dream?  moments later both Kiefer and pk walked back from the bathroom.  (apparently, pk peed next to him.)

after sitting back down, i couldn’t help looking back longingly, trying to coordinate my next moves.  all of a sudden, he motioned for me to come over.  i freaked, but smoothly made my way over.  he said that i looked lovely in my sundress and, blushing, i said thanks.  he hugged me, then i walked away, heading straight for the door once again.  i let out a huge scream of joy when out of ears range and decided that this was the best moment ever.  i didn’t look back again, knowing that i already had my moment.

it was bliss.  i am a happy lady! thank you Kiefer. ❤

ps: how am i going to top that??? AND IT WAS MY FIRST WEEKEND LIVING IN LA!!!



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