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Go Kendra! June 9, 2009

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apparently Kendra’s new show is a hit!

although she annoys me a bit, i just had to  watch Kendra!  it was pretty cute, not going to lie.  although she’s crazy and has an obnoxious laugh, she is going up and that’s apparent in the premiere episode.  although, oh boy, her bedroom mess is disgusting.  hopefully her new sugar daddy can afford a maid for her.  otherwise, he is in for a real messy treat!  Hef appeared at her housewarming party, which was sentimental.  however, it was strange when Kendra & Hank Bassett went to the Playboy Mansion to meet up with Hef. Kendra went through a reminiscing tour of the mansion, showing Hank where she lived for 5 years.  at the end of the tour, Hef offered to host their wedding at the mansion (this would be the 2nd wedding ever located at the Playboy Mansion).  after mulling over it the next day, Hank said ‘okay,’ and Kendra immediately speed dialed Hef to advise him of the news.

i loved that Bridge Marquardt played a cameo in Kendra’s new show.  looking forward to seeing more of the GND in the cross over shows!  interested to see how the next episode goes…

i’ll keep you posted!




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