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Test June 29, 2009

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Testing MobyPicture
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my dream came true! June 23, 2009

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i love Kiefer Sutherland.  this is a long commitment that i made when i was very young and feasted my eyes upon the scrumptious blood sucking vamp in The Lost Boys.  during my first Friday night in LA, i joined pk and his fellow G4 crew at this dive bar, Ye Rustic Inn,  for some chicken wings.  after a few hours of great conversation, empty pitchers, and a pile of bones, a turned around to view the crowd when i noticed a beautiful face in the crowd.  Mr. Sutherland was sitting right behind me!

i froze and just stared.  realizing that i was starring, i whipped my face back around.  i calmly got up and went outside.  i screamed with joy and started dialing my mom for comfort.  with no answer, i started down the list of friends to spread the news.  then i realize, omg!!!  get inside and talk to him!!!

i ran back in and he was gone.  was this a dream?  moments later both Kiefer and pk walked back from the bathroom.  (apparently, pk peed next to him.)

after sitting back down, i couldn’t help looking back longingly, trying to coordinate my next moves.  all of a sudden, he motioned for me to come over.  i freaked, but smoothly made my way over.  he said that i looked lovely in my sundress and, blushing, i said thanks.  he hugged me, then i walked away, heading straight for the door once again.  i let out a huge scream of joy when out of ears range and decided that this was the best moment ever.  i didn’t look back again, knowing that i already had my moment.

it was bliss.  i am a happy lady! thank you Kiefer. ❤

ps: how am i going to top that??? AND IT WAS MY FIRST WEEKEND LIVING IN LA!!!

You must watch this June 16, 2009

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Iran election protests — incredible June 14, 2009

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click here

(it won’t let me embed the video directly)

Where you can read my new stuff! June 12, 2009

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Most of my stuff goes under the “news” section.

Kendra is a mommy?!? June 10, 2009

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Kendra officially annouced in her personal blog that she is bearing Hank Baskett’s bundle o’ joy:

hi everyone!!!!  so the rumors are true…i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hank and i were beyond excited when we found out the news and ive been dying to tell all of you but we were waiting for the perfect time to do it.  im sorry if you heard it first elsewhere…that’s not how i wanted it to happen, but im so glad its out in the open now.

i honestly still cant believe that soon hank and i are going to have a little athlete running around the house.  seriously, the first thing this kid is going to see when its born is a football hahahahaha.  do you think hank will let me dress the baby in a chargers jersey??? lololol.

this is the best wedding gift i could have ever asked for and i cant wait until the time gets closer when i can start decorating the baby’s room and shopping for him or her…im definitely going  to go ALL out!  all of you mommies out there are going to have to give me tips on all the important baby preparations…remember, im a first timer here haha.  ive been reading all of the books but these books arent going to tell me everything so i definitely would appreciate your advice!

wow this has really been quite a year.  from my career to my engagement, and now a baby too!  im the luckiest girl in the world!!!!

thank you so much for all of your support…it truly means the world to me!!!  i love you all!!!!!!!

omg.  i don’t even know what to think right now.  i am overwhelmed with the thought of Kendra taking care of something.  oh man, this is going to be interesting!


Go Kendra! June 9, 2009

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apparently Kendra’s new show is a hit!

although she annoys me a bit, i just had to  watch Kendra!  it was pretty cute, not going to lie.  although she’s crazy and has an obnoxious laugh, she is going up and that’s apparent in the premiere episode.  although, oh boy, her bedroom mess is disgusting.  hopefully her new sugar daddy can afford a maid for her.  otherwise, he is in for a real messy treat!  Hef appeared at her housewarming party, which was sentimental.  however, it was strange when Kendra & Hank Bassett went to the Playboy Mansion to meet up with Hef. Kendra went through a reminiscing tour of the mansion, showing Hank where she lived for 5 years.  at the end of the tour, Hef offered to host their wedding at the mansion (this would be the 2nd wedding ever located at the Playboy Mansion).  after mulling over it the next day, Hank said ‘okay,’ and Kendra immediately speed dialed Hef to advise him of the news.

i loved that Bridge Marquardt played a cameo in Kendra’s new show.  looking forward to seeing more of the GND in the cross over shows!  interested to see how the next episode goes…

i’ll keep you posted!


jason schwartzman – new music! June 5, 2009

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i am a BIG fan of Jason Schwartzman.  ever since i saw Slackers, i feel in love with his little quirky cute self.  he is super talented and i enjoy his comedic roles in movies.  he used to be a drummer for Phantom Planet, which is also a great band!  they produced the theme song for OC, which was so overplayed it still makes  me gag everytime i hear it.  however, the rest of the album is fun and poppy.

i love how multi-talented jason is.  he’s pretty dreamy.  🙂  check out his new music!!! i really love ‘nighttiming.’

lookout E3! here i come! June 3, 2009

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i leave this afternoon to join all of my buddies in LA for the chaos that is E3.  having heard about this epic convention for years, and watching pk squirm and stress over it weeks before, during, and afterwords…i can finally see what all they hype and commotion is all about!  a big thanks to my wonderful old friend at bloody-disgusting.com!  looking forward to posting some incredible nerdtastic pics!  hopefully i meet some celebrities too!  keep your eye out for updates.  you can also follow my twitter: katetheshark!

❤ kt