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freddy remake February 4, 2009

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tis the season for horror movie remakes!  Friday the 13th releases next friday the  13th,  (how clever!).  there have been a ton of horror movie remakes before then.  and now, they are going to recreate one of my favorite horror films: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

i am always open to new ideas, concepts, and interpretations.  however, it saddens me to hear that Robert Englund will no longer be the face of ‘Freddy Krueger.’ the producers, Andrew Form & Brad Fuller, are devising a way to update the crimes Krueger committed as well:

As you may remember, he victimized the children of Elm Street, leading the neighborhood’s parents to gang up and burn him alive. In the original film he’s definitely a child killer, but there’s more hinted at. As originally envisioned, those hints were less subtle. Says Form: “The original idea of the movie was that he was a molester and not a killer at all, but the McMartin trial happened and everything changed.”

While they won’t come down on whether Freddy was a child molester, a child murderer or both in their version, Fuller does acknowledge that making him a legendary figure in this day and age is tougher. “If there were a child killer in 2009 it would be on the internet and everyone would know about it,” he said. “The concept of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street wouldn’t work. The concept of the movie is the kids discovering what happened, and the kids paying the price for their parent’s sins. What we’re struggling with is how do we have his crimes in a way where the kids can’t just type in ‘Freddy Krueger‘ [into Google] and come up with his arrest record.”

they do not have a director yet as well.  created by horror mastermind, Wes Craven ‘named Freddy Krueger after a kid who bullied him in school and to have based his appearance on a disfigured hobo who scared him as a youth.’ he claimed to have drawn inspiration for this movie from 3 separate incidents ‘involving young Cambodians, survivors of Pol Pot’s genocidal “purges,” all of whom died while apparently in the throes of a horrific nightmare. the story goes that first these young, otherwise healthy people would have a horrible nightmare, then refuse to sleep for as long as possible; when they finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion they awoke with screaming and writhing, then died from a heart attack. In the last incident, the young man used a variety methods to try and stay awake that were incorporated into the film, including a hidden coffee pot. some of the dialog between Nancy and her parents is based on this young man’s attempts to convince his unbelieving parents that going to sleep would kill him.’

the best part…the new film will begin production early May in Chicago, my hometown.  maybe i need to visit back home in attempts to become an extra?!?!?



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