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Nine ‘Lost Questions We Need Answered January 21, 2009

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(This comes from MTV Multiplayer)
Forget the four-toed statue or the secret to Hurley’s never-slimming physique. There are other, more important mysteries of ABC’s hit drama “Lost” we want answered in season five, which premieres tonight (at 9 p.m.ET). Instead of Stephen and I messaging our thoughts to each other, here’s our questions to you.

Spoiler Warning: While we know nothing about season five, the rest of this post will gleefully spoil events from previous seasons.

1. Did Charlie die in vain?

Here’s the problem: The emotional crux of season three was the death of the beloved Charlie. But season four appeared to undermine it. By season three, Charlie had fallen in love with Claire, overcome his addictions and begun to play the role of father to Claire’s baby, Aaron. He’d do anything for Claire and Aaron. Enter Desmond, who can see the future and has a vision of Charlie dying while pushing a button. He declared that this event must happen because it relates to a vision of Claire and baby leaving the island on a helicopter.

So, Charlie pushed a button, allowed himself to drown and die (we think he could have escaped if he wanted to), all in the hope of fulfilling the vision. That’s how season three wrapped up. Then we got to season four and Claire appeared to die or simply get stranded on the island, while Kate left the island with Aaron. This is a problem, because seemed to disprove Desmond’s vision of the future. So was Desmond’s vision wrong, or is he a liar?

2. How did Jin survive that boat crash?

There’s no way he died in that season four finale. We think.

3. Who is pulling the strings on the island?

As the series has progressed, it has become clear that someone — or something — is manipulating those who can and cannot come to the island. The show has made several references to the unknown timeline of the island — the four-toed statue Sayid spotted at the end of season two, the moment when Ben sent his people to “the temple” as season four closed, etc. But whatever founded the island (does Jacob answer to anyone?) it seems to still be there without any motivation outside of sheer survival.


4. Did Desmond and Ben know about each other?

This is a head-scratcher. In season two we learned that Desmond lived more or less alone in the Swan Station, pushing a button, believing he was the only remaining member of the Dharma Initiative, and assuming he was the keeping the island — and the world — safe by his actions. But in season three, Ben showed up and we began to learn that Ben didn’t just wipe out the Dharma folks when he was younger. He replaced them and kept track of (all of?) their bunkers and stations for years.

So Ben must have known about this guy Desmond pushing that button in the Swan, right? Did Ben purposely allow Desmond to think he was alone? Shouldn’t these guys have had a conversation about this already? Shouldn’t they have some sort of strong reaction to each other existing? Instead, we’re not sure they’ve ever even talked. Very weird.

5. Is there a rational explanation for the numbers?

This is, unfortunately, a mystery that might never be explained. The infamous “Lost” numbers — 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 — were referenced over and over again in the first two seasons of the show, but have since fallen by the wayside, mostly to reappear as Easter eggs for fans paying close attention. The show’s creators have said that not all of the mysteries will have complete answers.

6. Why does the island have healing properties?

Locke’s ability to walk and Rose’s magical recovery from cancer is yet another one of those unexplained mysteries from show’s beginning. The island is able to cure people of seemingly impossible ailments. Some have speculated that this is due to its intense magnetism, which has also been associated with the island’s time manipulations. Just because the island can heal your Earthly diseases, however, does not mean you can avoid death — or can you? Death is not as it seems on the Island — evidenced by Charlie’s apparition in season four and Jack’s dad rising from the dead. Are they really alive, or is the island playing tricks on people?


7. What’s up with Libby and Cindy?

The deceased Libby was once a patient in Hurley’s asylum and also gave Desmond the boat he used to get to the island. Seems important. But we barely know anything about her. Where has Cindy, the flight attendant who wound up joining the others, been since season three? She seemed important too.

8. Does the old woman Desmond encountered while time-traveling really exist?

When “Lost” first started playing with time travel, Desmond encountered an old woman who explained that there was no way for him to change the future, and he had to break up with his girlfriend, Penny. The woman showed up in a photograph in a later episode, when Desmond attempted to become a monk. Is she important?

9. Who is the woman from Daniel Faraday’s first flashback?

The first time we saw Daniel Faraday’s past was during an early season-four flashback that showed him in tears as he heard the news that Oceanic 815 had crashed. A woman who was with him tried to comfort him, but we never actually saw her face, as if the show’s producers were trying to hide something. Like what?



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