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kendra & bridget speak about their relationships with hef January 15, 2009

Posted by mrstetris in allowance, bridget, E!, girls next door, hef, kendra, moving out, perez hilton, sex.

Perez Hilton just posted an update from both Kendra and Bridget regarding their relationships with Hef and their thoughts about moving out of the mansion!

i was kind of appalled at Kendra’s response, although she really never says anything worth while.  i think she’s an idiot and used Hef for all he was worth.  in her response, she mentioned how Hef kept a tight leash on all of the GND.  DUH!?!  he’s paying you to live there ($1,000 a month!) and be his girlfriend.  he doesn’t want his ladies gallivanting around town with everyone else.  although creepy that she admitted that he checked on their status every morning in a log that the mansion staff kept of each of the girls.

kind of gross to think about it, Kendra also admitted to having sex on occasions with Hef.  EW!  viagra must be his best friend!

i think it’s hilarous that she has this idea in her head that she’s going to get married at the mansion.  i wonder if hef will allow it.  especially after the bad mouthing she did about her experience living there.

moving on to a competent GND, Bridget had nothing but wonderful, appreciative things to say about Hef and her experience in the mansion.  i was shocked to hear that she spent 7 years there!

Hef truly appreciates Bridget, her hard work & dedication, and promised her that his home is open to her anytime.  she can even bring a date!

i think Bridget will continue to work on the radio show and look for more voice acting roles.  i think she is very creative and can do alot.  i mean, she DID get her masters degree!

i crossing my fingers that E! gives her a show.  her themed parties are fantastic.   i think out of all the GND, Bridget has been smart about the move and it shows!  she’s not getting ‘married’ or dating some creepy no talent scumbag.  instead she’s focusing on herself, her career, and her life.  what every woman should do!

i will miss GND!



1. thegirlfromtheghetto - February 10, 2009

I love Bridget … I mean, look how much work she puts into every present she buys ….

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