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Here’s what I told Barack Obama January 8, 2009

Posted by patrick.klepek in politics, president.

There’s a “contest” that Barack Obama is running to send 10 of his supporters to Washington D.C. this month for his inauguration ceremony. Your best bet is donating $100, but I can’t afford that right now. A handful of those 10 supporters will be picked based solely on their reason for wanting to attend. Here’s what I wrote:

I’m only 23. Society’s elders watch my participation and interest in politics with a cynical eye. They have every right to. Young people have a documented tendency to become embroiled in politics during a fit of righteous passion, leaving their interest and participation at the door after his or her candidate has won or lost. Barack Obama inspired that spirit of passionate participation in ways we haven’t seen before, rousing me to remain committed to the change we’ve all fought for. 2009 is a year where I fight against my own personal ignorance. I want to be an active participant in understanding the changes facing our country — and world — in the years to come. I hope my determination to remain involved will influence others who may be tempted to turn off the news or put away the newspaper, and instead educate themselves. Knowledge is our most powerful weapon. Barack’s inauguration marks the beginning of a personal journey for me. To be there would be remarkable. I can think of no better way to thank Barack for his profound influence on my hopes and dreams than to clap for him, and our future, in the bitter D.C. cold.


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