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holly & criss celebrate their birthdays December 6, 2008

Posted by mrstetris in birthday party, criss angel, girls next door, holly madison, LAX.

i gagged when i read that Holly Madison and Criss Angel are celebrating their birthdays together on December 19th.  how cute!

her myspace post was even more ridiculous:

I am having my birthday party with my awesome boyfriend at LAX at Luxor Las Vegas on December 19th. His birthday is the 19th and mine is the 23rd, so we are celebrating together. Hope to see you there!

too bad LAX is not close enough for me to travel to, otherwise i would show up just for the hell of it.  HA!

Holly is so amazing, i wish she would find a non-creepy, decent looking guy.  Criss Angel can’t even do magic tricks and THATS his profession.

so sad.  at least Girls Next Door (GND) are coming out with a book! 🙂



1. Jennifer - December 8, 2008

She is the same age as Britney – but she looks OLD ENOUGH to be Britney’s Mom!

Hope you get some DIGNITY for your birthday Criss – and MOVE ON!

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