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a pixel wedding November 25, 2008

Posted by mrstetris in cable's blog lol, coda, David Lanham, Pixel, wedding, zazzle.

i thought this was THE CUTEST wedding theme that i’ve ever seen!

The first thing we had to tackle was the age-old “save the date”. Due some tardiness with the art director (sorry!), we decided to do it electronically to get it out the door instantly. Otherwise there’d be no date to save.

Enter friend and artistic genius David Lanham, out of the Coda icon. He graciously found time to to lend his illustrative talents to this project.

The first bit David cranked out was a perfect little pixel illustration of myself and Nicole, that I hoped we could use in a variety of places throughout the project. It went through some fun variations:

As you can see, we started off super micro (and I looked a little bit like Gob from Arrested Development about to perform a magic trick), then we got super (super) deformed, and finally with a bit more nudging I think David nailed it with the last one — it’s cute, with just a dash of disturbing. Just like us! Uhh..

save the dates!


Since letterpress creates an actual physical impression in the paper when it stamps the ink, I thought it would be interesting to do one letterpress plate without ink — our pixel selves, subtly debossed on the inside.

As a bonus, since the impression runs deep, we’re also embossed on the outside, and it’s carefully aligned so that it looks like we’re standing under the tree. Sort-of.

final product:

so ridiculous, I LOVE IT!!!

One last stop before the postal office: custom stamps. We decided to use zazzle.com for this — as should be glaringly obvious. The giant zazzle advertisement (zazzvertisement?) on every stamp was a huge negative, but a high-quality pixel stamp was hard to pass up.

last but not least, the pixel cake!

and they lived happily ever after ❤



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