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My First Dog — One Week Later October 20, 2008

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On Saturday, Katie and I had officially owned Pixel for a whole week. It also marked the first week I’d been a dog — or pet, for that matter — owner, which is a pretty big step for me, to be honest.

One of the reasons I’d been hesitant about the whole pet thing was because I’d never been responsible for the life of another…anything…before. The welfare of our dog would depend on my actions, especially since I was the one who worked from home and would be spending the majority of the day monitoring Pixel and what she was up to.

That freaked me out. But I know Katie really, really wanted a dog and it wasn’t as though I didn’t want one — I was just nervous about screwing it all up. Thankfully, Pixel has proven to be The Awesomest Dog Ever ™. Anyone who’s talked to me about her lately can tell I do nothing but brag about how good she’s been to me and us.

We did run into some problems over the weekend, though. Pixel was being investigated by a small child who was very excited to see a small dog. Pixel seemed fine, if a bit annoyed, but then nipped at the kid. Thankfully, not
only did the parent not notice, but Pixel didn’t actually catch her finger. That could’ve been bad. The kid was extremely loud, however, and remembering back to the situation, it seemed obvious she was uncomfortable. She gave warnings she was going to nip — we’d just never seen them before.

A similar thing happened Sunday morning at a bar, where we were taking in the day’s NFL games. Pixel, being as cute as she is, constantly attracts people to pet her. Normally she’s fine. Another guy just lingered his finger in front of her for several seconds, with Pixel looking on quizzically. Eventually, she just nipped at the guy. My friend, Kathleen, whose dog converted me to liking pets, said neither situation was surprising. We just need to make sure we’re aware of Pixel’s reactions to people, and accelmate her to more strangers.

Other than that, though. No complaints. If anything, Pixel likes us too much!



1. BigDogOwner - October 20, 2008

Congrats on your new dog. You really don’t want to dismiss the nipping behavior. I’m not sure how old your dog is but things like that are never a big deal when they are very young and cute. The same might apply to the mere fact that a dog might be small. Either way, it is a good idea to pinpoint the true issue and then work to fix it. Since it happened with both a child and an adult, it’s not as if your dog is uncomfortable with little kids although some are. It could just be a matter of socialization but I would really not let it go unaddressed. You and your family can avoid any stress later if your dog is around little kids. All the best!

2. Juan - October 21, 2008

Puppy Training classes! A good trainer, even a good puppy book, will you give so many ideas on how to treat your dog’s social issues. Chihuahuas are also very very aggresive dogs, I have been bit by one four times in one second. True story.

3. Neo - October 29, 2008

lol. Now, that’s funny. I’m not sure a dog can bite
four times a second. Rapid fire biting.

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