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‘Them,’ Reinforcing The Belief That Foreign Horror Is Currently King October 9, 2008

Posted by patrick.klepek in horror, movies.

https://i2.wp.com/www.toxicshock.tv/news/wp-content/uploads/them_ver2_poster.jpgI have a hard time thinking of something scarier than home invasion.

The idea of someone invading my house or apartment disturbs me in a seriously profound way. A home invasion takes something you otherwise consider sacred and safe — your home — and transforms it into a potential death trap. Do you know how you’d escape your own place?

Last night, Katie and I took in a viewing of “Them,” a French horror film that was the inspiration for “The Strangers,” a horror movie starring Liv Tyler that was released earlier this year. I haven’t seen “The Strangers” yet. I’ve heard it’s a good movie. But I’d be hard pressed to believe it could be freakier than the material it took inspiration from.

Without moving into spoiler territory, the basic premise is a home invasion in the countryside by invaders unknown. You don’t know who they are or what they want. The concept of most horror movies is intended violence prefaced with a derived specific personal joy. That doesn’t exist in “Them.” There is no reason for why this is happening. In fact, it’s not a spoiler to say you never discover that reason by the end of the movie. Not in any clear fashion, anyway.

That’s the scariest part of the movie.

You can check out “Them” on American DVD. “The Strangers” comes out on DVD soon, too. If it’s on par with “The Strangers,” that’d be fantastic, but “Them” backs up my personal belief that the horror pendulum shifted to foreign cinema a few years ago and has yet to be reigned in.



1. Schu - October 12, 2008

I was going to see “The Strangers” in theaters but my mom ruined the ending for me because she’s a jerk. I’d imagine this movie would be better than the remake though.

p.s. I did see like 30 minutes of “Quarantine” in the theaters killing time before “Burn After Reading” started and it didn’t look too bad. I still liked the Spanish version better but I did only see 30 minutes worth.

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