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lego tower & font October 8, 2008

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it’s not secret that i love legos.  this passion has remained with me since my adolecence.  my brother & i enjoyed building giant castles and playing with our barbies & G.I. Joes.  now i am on to more serious things, like this awesome batman tumbler & joker ice cream truck, which pk bought for my birthday.

i just found this amazing site that offers lego font.

“This little application was a collaboration between the designers Urs Lehni and Rafael Koch with the developer Jürg Lehni, as a progression from the design of their Lineto Lego fonts. The irresistible logic of the Lego brick prompted them to start thinking about how the fonts could be shown in an interactive type specimen, offering ways to play with it online.

They later developed it into a stand-alone Shockwave application, offering a set of preselected design elements and both Lineto Lego font alphabets to play with. Results can be exported as vector data and opened in vector-oriented graphic design programs like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand.”

you can go to the site and download the font, which caters to both PC & Macs.

while i am on the subject of legos…

in Vienna, Austria, hundreds of children managed to build the world’s largest lego tower, which set a Guiness World Record at 29.48m.

“Organizers were forced to use a crane to complete the highest part of the tower, while support wires helped keep the Lego secure in the strong winds.”

i can’t imagine the amount of time and effort it took to create such a beautiful masterpiece.  i put together a little batman tumbler in less than an hour and thought i was pretty talented.  i guess i have bigger & better things to strive for!



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