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i guess she’s going public September 24, 2008

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it’s been a rumor for some while now.  Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison keep on denying it, but the fact remains the same: Holly and Criss Angel are an item.  they were spotted openly kissing and dancing in Vegas.  WHY??!?!?!??!  Holly was Hef’s number one girlfriend & he was her “Puffin.”

that makes me a big grossed out.  i wish she would choose someone who isn’t a scumbag.  i mean come on, he’s an illusionist?  really?  and what about GND (Girls Next Door)????  i know Hef advised that the girls will be receiving their own shows, but dammit!  it’s not the same.  grrrr….



1. andrea "la de patarata" - November 20, 2008

dejastes al viejo

2. Andrew - November 27, 2008

That’s freakin’ nastayyyy.

3. vanessa - January 2, 2009

Im glad she moved on, she thinking about herself now n how she wants to get married n have a family. much blessings to you n your new life!!

4. Maya - January 5, 2009

Chriss is much better than her x-mummy :))

5. Lauren - January 22, 2009

Criss angel And Holly madison like each other i know them both they might be coming to stay at my house and THEY ROCK Holly is the same rating as Criss for me 🙂

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