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worst star wars movie of ALL TIMES! September 3, 2008

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i finally dragged myself and my friends (Shannon Bananan, Gare Bear, Kiwee, & Das Boots Mike) to see clone wars yesterday evening.  being a die hard star wars nerd forced me to swallow my pride and sacrifice an hour and 1/2 of misery for that dirty ol’ George Lucas.  boy oh boy, was it awful.  first of all, this new chick is an obnoxious whiny Padawan tween:

sadly, she is master skywalker’s little pet and he even gives her a nickname, “snips.”  even worse, she gives him one back, “skyguy.”  he shouldn’t even have an apprentice.  it doesn’t make sense!  some of the things that came out of this girl’s mouth were ridiculous: “R2-ey,” “rolling death balls,” Jabba’s son, “stinky.”  OH wait!!!!  AND Jabba’s super flamboyantly gay Uncle: Ziro the Hutt.  wtf??!

*sigh, i mean seriously?  trix are for kids.  star wars is for nerds.  don’t combine the two.

the only good thing that came out of this movie was the fast paced action.  it rocked.  not enough for me to ever want to see this crap again, but it held me through til the end.  please don’t go see this movie unless you must, and then i understand.

what topped the cake was this post i read today.  seriously?!?  wow.



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