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Back from Seattle; still recovering September 2, 2008

Posted by patrick.klepek in mtv, travel, video games.

Working the weekend is rough. Working the weekend in a different state with cold is far worse. But that’s the situation I found myself in this past weekend, covering the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. I was there to report for MTV Multiplayer and take part in a panel entitled “Game Criticism and Old Game Journalism” with Wired‘s Chris Kohler and others.

Things accomplished while up north:

  • Successfully spoke in front of 400+ people about games writing
  • Conducted several interviews where my voice was breaking
  • Hung out with the now-Microsoft employed Ben Hodes
  • Discovered I actually have fans, which means I…
  • Signed my first autograph to a fan (take that, Tim!)
  • Experienced the United Airlines VIP lounge for the first time

(I took this while waiting for the panel to start!)



1. Ross Arbour - September 3, 2008


I see myself front and center in your panel photo, and I’m pretty sure I took your header photo (the B&W one) and it’s from my Facebook 😉

Your panel was legendary and informative — a learning experience.


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