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movies at a glance: Tropic Thunder August 23, 2008

Posted by patrick.klepek in Comic Con 08, lolz, movies, photos.

For the first Friday that kt has had off in a while — her new job is working out wonderfully, by the way — we decided to play a few hours of LEGO Indiana Jones (we finished playing through all the stages for Raiders of the Lost Ark) and take in a latenight showing of Tropic Thunder.

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed. It wasn’t the movie’s fault. I decided to see Tropic Thunder after the waves of praise came billowing from Facebook, Twitter and friends. Tropic Thunder was really funny, but not the joke-a-second I was expecting. That said, Robert Downey Jr. nailed his character in this. You couldn’t even tell it was him for most of the movie! You could have told me it was a different entirely and I would have believed you.

Seeing the movie made me want to pop in Zoolander

Slowly but surely, kt and I are catching up on movies. All that’s left is to catch a showing of Step Brothers sometime soon, and we’ll be pretty much caught up. Of course, we still haven’t seen There Will Be Blood — all the milkshake jokes have gone over my head — but it’s in our Netflix queue…



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