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Max Payne panel July 30, 2008

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i remember watching my broseph play this video game all the time. i always enjoyed the scrunched up faces max payne uses, like he desperately needs to take a shit or something. when comingsoon.net first posted the teaser trailer i was like “OMG?!?” mark wahlberg plays a super rad max payne.

at the panel, john moore summarized the film perfectly: “it’s not minimum payne, it’s not medium payne, it’s MAXIMUM PAYNE!” unique to this video game, the story is the video game. he described his perspective of the film as taking the video controller from the player and placing it in the hands of the camera, “you are max payne, kicking the shit out of the camera!”

mark wahlberg wanted to do this film because a) he’s legit with his street credibility and arrest record, b) he wanted to kick some ass again (like when he played roles in “the departed,” “four brothers,” and “fear” and c) “max payne is the happiest dude in the world and everything is taken away from him, it becomes a dark and ugly world, and revenge is all that he has left.”

excited to hear that moore used a new digital camera system called a “phantom,” which is a digital hard drive that can shoot up to 1,000 frames per second in order to slow down the motion to recreate the bullet from the video games.

with the sweet film clips they showed and they Q&A with the cast, this looks like a promising movie that i will most definitely be attending the premiere for!



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