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i finally saw it…(fyi: spoilers) July 18, 2008

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i woke up this morning and started my day with a dose of gotham knight, a perfect way to begin the day.  i was all warm and fuzzy from head to toe.  alas, a hiccup in my day: shocking news that i might not be able to see my heroic dark knight in action due to a failed attempt to join an employee only viewing!!??!!  but of course, i have friends who care and found a mischievous way to sneak me into the imax midnight showing at the metreon.  twas a glorious save indeed.

the dark knight satisfied all of my hopes and dreams, whisking me away to gotham city and it’s dark corners.  i love it when crowds cheer and clap for such an anticipated movie.  i’ve replayed the 6 minute intro, which first debuted during the premiere of i am legend, over and over again.  heath ledger should get an oscar.  truly a remarkable performance, joker gave the viewers a taste of a madman’s chaos.  (the pencil magic scene was one of my favorite of his malicious tricks.)  holy shit, harvey dent’s face looks so badass.  it’s truly legit.  i loves me that cgi.  those nolan brothers, they are quite the pair.  they really made a fantastic film.



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