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celebrity Comic-Con run-ins! July 31, 2008

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>Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse!! by you.Hayden Panisondsinf, hot in person by you.Jim Lee/Mark Hamill by you.Ando from Heroes! by you.MANKIND! by you.Zarek from Battlestar Galactica! by you.I know this guy from somewhere... by you.

don’t be afraid of the dark July 30, 2008

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Guillermo del Toro announced his new project: remake of the 70’s cult classic Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, kinda like People Under the Stairs meets C.H.U.D.?!!?  anything del Toro does is frackin’ rad as hell!  so i am IN!

update on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland July 30, 2008

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OMG!!! Johnny “scumptious” Depp will be playing the Mad Hatter (my favorite character) in TIm Burton’s Alice in Wonderland 3D version of Lewis Carol’s novel my favorite Disney movie of all time AND fairy tale.  SOOOO GOOOD!!!!

it’s kinda obvious that Depp would be chosen for the previously mentioned role.  i mean, burton and him are besties.  however, just imagining in such a role, like when he was the creepily awesome willy wonka, it works so nicely.  *sigh

i wish production wasn’t so far away.  the film is scheduled to release March 5th of 2010!  seriously, so far away!

Max Payne panel July 30, 2008

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i remember watching my broseph play this video game all the time. i always enjoyed the scrunched up faces max payne uses, like he desperately needs to take a shit or something. when comingsoon.net first posted the teaser trailer i was like “OMG?!?” mark wahlberg plays a super rad max payne.

at the panel, john moore summarized the film perfectly: “it’s not minimum payne, it’s not medium payne, it’s MAXIMUM PAYNE!” unique to this video game, the story is the video game. he described his perspective of the film as taking the video controller from the player and placing it in the hands of the camera, “you are max payne, kicking the shit out of the camera!”

mark wahlberg wanted to do this film because a) he’s legit with his street credibility and arrest record, b) he wanted to kick some ass again (like when he played roles in “the departed,” “four brothers,” and “fear” and c) “max payne is the happiest dude in the world and everything is taken away from him, it becomes a dark and ugly world, and revenge is all that he has left.”

excited to hear that moore used a new digital camera system called a “phantom,” which is a digital hard drive that can shoot up to 1,000 frames per second in order to slow down the motion to recreate the bullet from the video games.

with the sweet film clips they showed and they Q&A with the cast, this looks like a promising movie that i will most definitely be attending the premiere for!

The Day the Earth Stood Still panel July 28, 2008

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people actually camped out overnight to see this panel, yet i showed up an hour beforehand and still managed to get a decent seat.  before the panel began, people were still frantically searching for seats…not sure if someone knocked it over or it just decided to do so on it’s own, but the festive black curtain fell down, slamming into a ton of people.  it was hilarious.  i half expected keanu reeves to jump out from underneath and shout “whoah!” in a bill and ted like voice.  sadly, he didn’t.

scott derrickson, director of The Day the Earth Stood Still, advised the audience that he “wanted to make this film 15 years ago” but couldn’t get funding and a script.  2 years ago, a script showed up at his front door and production started immediately.   his whole vision was to show this film in the alien’s point of view.

in the trailer, there is a sweet interrogation scene with klaatu, played by keanu reeves, where he is being asked a series of controlled questions.  during comic con, they played the whole scene and it blew my mind.  the docile alien, klaatu, becomes extremely aggressive and escapes, slammin’ down every human that gets in his way.  it’s pretty badass!

jennifer connelly said she chose to do the film because “it encompasses the human spirit and how we treat each other.”  klaatu’s viewpoint of humanity “has conflict with desicions that he made earlier in the film, he starts to have a human understanding.”  derrickson adds “the alien becoming humanizing, that’s what is remarkable about humanity!”

derrickson also gives the audience insight on the spaceship created: “i wanted it to have an organic, biological base.  advanced civilizations might not be as an intense industrial society that we are today, more ecological being.  that’s what i wanted to portray in the film.”

at any rate, this film looks, feels, and sounds intensely entertaining.  i cannot wait to see it!

my very first day at Comic Con July 25, 2008

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twas my very first con and oh boy, it was an experience. before i even entered the huge convention center, i noticed an older woman with a fake fur pet on her shoulder that moved. not gonna lie, freaked me out a bit. however, pk reassured me, i had much more in stake and shouldn’t let such small things as that lady freak me out. well, he was quite right. oh boy, them peoples all dressed up. it was horrifying and exciting, confusing and questionable, all and all, such a sight.

one of the few beginning lessons i learned early on…

a) DO NOT BRING ANYTHING UNNECESSARY…a.k.a. laptops (you don’t have time to post anything).

b) DO NOT SIT NEAR KIDS (why are they there there in the first place. dear rents that are super nerdy, get a babysitter. you will SO pay attention to SO much more if you leave your kiddies @ home). thanks.


keep posted for my the day the earth stood still and max payne panel that i attended…

a picture tour of the new apartment! July 23, 2008

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in case the video thing was too complicated for you…check out these pics.

kt and pk off to comic con 2008! July 23, 2008

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kt is about to have her ass kicked by attending her first ever nerd convention this week in San Diego. we’ll both be traveling eaaaarly tomorrow morning to attend Comic Con 2008, which promises to be an epic geek fest. i’ll be there working on Thursday and Friday for MTV Multiplayer, but the rest of the time — hello, LOST panel! — will be spent trying to not waste money on collectibles and other rubbish found at these things.

we’ll have some time to relax, though. on Sunday, we’ll be hitting up Lego Land. do you think they’ll let us sneak beer into such a place? we’re going to find out. Monday is a little more wide open. we might check out the famous San Diego Zoo. not sure. if you have a suggestion, let me know!

i need me some kidrobot jewerly July 22, 2008

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ny magazine online announced today “Kidrobot just announced a jewelry collaboration with designer Tarina
Tarantino. The goods will debut in Kidrobot and Tarina Tarantino’s Soho
stores on July 30 and range from $65 to $975.” not going to lie, i would most def thing about throwin’ down some g’s for some of this swank shit:

Testing from my iPhone July 22, 2008

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Woo! The iPhone application works! On my way to karaoke but most definitely not singin’.