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reading at a glance: ‘Preacher, Vol 1: Gone to Texas’ June 17, 2008

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Without much time to devote to dedicated reading sessions, I’ve found myself turning to graphic novels as a reliable source of reading material. I can squeeze in a few pages every few hours, and it never takes me more than a few days to put one to bed. I’d love to spend more time reading works of a larger substance, but that just doesn’t jive with my schedule lately. That said, so long as I’m picking the right graphic novels, there’s no reason they can’t be as informative or entertaining as a book that isn’t rooted in art.

Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas
: I picked up Preacher because of 1UP’s Shawn Elliott. You don’t learn to much about what’s going on in the first installment. A drunken priest with a misguided look on faith is imbued with a power equal to God and everyone in Heaven wants him killed for it. The first half of “Gone to Texas” outlines this setup and the early villains, but ditches them in the second half for a strange serial killer plot and throwaway characters we’re meant to trust and like before they’re haphazardly killed. It didn’t leave a particularly good taste in my mouth, especially after the great first half. But Elliott’s recommendation came with a catch: don’t judge the series on the first book. Thankfully, the setup is wild enough that I’ll give the next few a go before considering jumping ship.



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