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hangin’ tough! April 1, 2008

Posted by mrstetris in Uncategorized.
they were super yummy before…
and they are even more scumptious after!!!

omg!  i was such a super fan at the age of 9!  seriously, i had a new kids on the block sleepover birthday party.  we watched one of their concert performances and sang to their songs.  i got a new kids sleeping bag.  twas a glorious 9th birthday.  and i totally had a crush on joey.  he was dreamy!

to hear that they are reuniting for a performance makes me geek out. oh boy oh boy.



1. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable right now - April 4, 2008

r u a dude cause if u r thas weird?

2. mrstetris - April 4, 2008

nope. 100% female.

3. TheGraciousOne - April 4, 2008

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! That’s cool. Just making sure that you were not playing games. You know I gotta take things step by step cause you never know when things are gonna happen tonight but you gotta hang tough. If you go away I wouldn’t know what to say but call it what you want cover girl, just please don’t go girl cause your my favorite girl. Didn’t I blow your mind?

Man I suck at this but believe me when I say this one’s for the children. It is dirty dawg. Wait, wait, wait, let’s try it again.

I’ll stop right now.

4. mrstetris - April 4, 2008

oh so good!

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