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jaws likes a back rub every once in awhile March 14, 2008

Posted by mrstetris in Uncategorized.
this shit blew my mind!  i would have liked to be present for this remarkable event.  did i mention that i freakin’ love sharks?!


1. Brett - January 28, 2009

i fucking hate sharks

2. Brett - January 28, 2009

fuck sharks everyday all night they suck

3. awesomeman - February 3, 2009

Brett is obviously a faggot who is afraid of sharks because he’s a pussy bitch. Sharks don’t even try to attack people. People just confuse them sometimes. Brett should get the dick out of his asshole and educate himself a bit. Ignorant douche bag.

4. Brett - February 3, 2009

Listen faggot keep talking shit il fucking rape you.

5. awesomeman - February 3, 2009

Rofl. You can’t call me a faggot, I just called you a faggot. Use some originality. I’m sorry, is that too hard for your little brain to do?

6. pinkmoose - February 3, 2009

awesomeman, i think it IS a little to hard for bretts brain . and brett do you realize awesomeman .. is a man? are you gayy? your going to rape him. nice

7. Brett - February 22, 2009

Its about dominance not about pleasure.

8. Hates people with the homo name Brett LOL - May 28, 2009

LOL Brett you have the dominance of an 11 year old pre pubescent girl so it has to be about the pleasure 😉

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