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the truth is out there March 28, 2008

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me vs. tori spelling March 27, 2008

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while walking home from an event i was checking out for MTV, i ran into a line of people waiting to have tori spelling sign her latest dvd. i decided to be creepy and see if i could skip ahead of the line and just take a picture.


[oh noes she spotted me!]

[plastic surgery isn’t cool, kids]

[the line of desperate souls]

some choice weekend photo ops March 23, 2008

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kt is stuck at Whole Foods most of this weekend, but we did manage to get out of the house last night to check out a fantastic fried chicken joint in the mission, The Front Porch. if you’re in the san francisco area, it’s phenomenal. do it.

check out the rest of the photos at my flickr account.

a jaws analogy to the joker?!!! March 18, 2008

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this made me so excited that i couldn’t help but post it, it’s Christopher Nolan commenting on Heath Ledger’s performance:  “The Joker is an absolute. He is a force of evil and anarchy. He just cuts through the movie like the shark in ‘Jaws’ or something.”

check out the article, Nolan gives insight on Ledger’s inspiration for the joker, Christian Bale discusses why he made a second film, and Maggie Gyllenhaal agrees that she’s interested in a third!

i believe in harvey dent March 15, 2008

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to further promote the dark knight, campaign vans are visiting random cities, sending out the message of hope for gotham city.  freakin’ super nerdtastic!  i hope they come to my city so i can get a “vote harvey dent” button!.

jaws likes a back rub every once in awhile March 14, 2008

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this shit blew my mind!  i would have liked to be present for this remarkable event.  did i mention that i freakin’ love sharks?!

watch this commercial immediately March 14, 2008

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’nuff said


omg lost boys is back! March 13, 2008

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mmmkay…if you know me, then you are completely aware of my kiefer sutherland obsession since viewing one of my favorite movies: the lost boys.  how can it get any better with an all star lineup cast like the coreys, kiefer so hot sutherland, jason patric, and the bill s. preston (a.k.a. alex winter) from bill & ted’s excellent adventure!  i mean, it’s enough to blow your mind.  and it’s a vampire movie!!!

anyways, so they are doing a sequel, which immediately made me jump for joy.  i was a little skeptical, since this could go either way (totally bomb or be a super sweet comeback).  well, my worries are at ease after viewing the new trailer that was release yesterday.  i was like OMG!?!  it actually looks rad.  not to mention that feldman looks like a badass in the movie.

love the fact that both coreys are in it as well.  after there sad and sometimes hilarious tv show, the two coreys, haim was upset and broken hearted when he found out that he wasn’t asked to be in lost boys 2: the tribe.  apparently hearts have been mended and all is well.

friday the 13th + alice cooper March 10, 2008

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that math equation brings you magic. musical magic, my friend.

new dark knight pics released March 10, 2008

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i have always been a batman fan. i am currently reading frank miller’s the dark knight returns. with great excitement, i am highly anticipating the christopher nolan’s new film, the dark knight. his first batman installment gave me an new intense batman obsession. dark and dreary, like gotham city, batman begins was a reboot of the batman films and was a complete success.unlike nolan, others have tried and some have failed to capture the comic icon. 97’s batman and robin was one of the worst batman films i’ve ever seen. no offensive to george clooney, of whom tried his best, but come on, nipples on the suit!??! wtf?!this new movie provides a more intense gothic atmosphere due to the recent and extremely saddening death of heath ledger, an actor i was quite fond of. charming and talented, heath ledger struggled mentally, physically, and psychologically while filming this movie. playing the joker is quite a large task to complete. i saw the 5 minute joker prologue attached to the i am legend film. it was omg! it made waiting for the movie even more difficult.
let the countdown continue…