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Lost in NYC February 14, 2008

Posted by patrick.klepek in mtv, new york city, travel.

The last few days have been spent exploring a city I haven’t been to since I was 14: New York City. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately, actually), it isn’t a vacation, so the vast majority of my time has been dedicated to what I would normally be doing at home: working. MTV News flew me out for introductory purposes, even though I’ll be working remotely from San Francisco.

During the last week, I’ve re-experienced the joys of working from home. Unlike just about everyone older than me, I actually loved coming into an office every day and being around dedicated, like-minded individuals. Separating myself from that was probably the hardest part about making the decision to leave 1UP for MTV Multiplayer. It’s been great to have that feeling again, though it’s ultimately bittersweet; come tomorrow, it’s back to the lonely grind in the Bay Area.

At least NYC has been cool, but it’s starting to look like this trip will end like my last and I’ll somehow avoid seeing the Statue of Liberty in person. Plus, is it wrong that I can’t stop visualizing Cloverfield while I walk around? I keep expecting the monster to pop out.



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