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goodbye ziff davis, hello mtv January 23, 2008

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so today is the official press release of the new addition to the mtv journalist crew. very exciting! although, i was sad to see some of the negative comments written. whateves, people are childish sometimes. regardless, i am so proud and overjoyed for patrick. he has worked so hard and deserves the best. i know that he will do a fantastic job.


the perfect apartment: IKEA January 9, 2008

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Ikea as i am reading all of my rss feeds, i noticed this hilarious story from cnn: so the ticket holder from The Colbert Report (who also released 171 Starbucks, “which documents his visits to all of the coffee chain’s Manhattan stores in a single day” on his website) is living in IKEA for a documentary.

Oh man, would i love to live it up in one of those IKEA models. um yeah, like you can EVER decorate your home like the exact models by yourself!?! plus, think about all the hilarious things you can do in a store when know one is there, the opportunities are endless! hmm…makes me think of that 80’s Jennifer Connelly co-staring in Career Opporunities.