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king of kong: a fistful of quarters October 21, 2007

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so i was sort of dragged to king of kong, the documentary about the donkey kong (dk) champion.

i thought, oh boy, such a nerd fest that i cannot control myself and whatknot. actually, to my pure astonishment, the documentary was spectacular. it was really moving. it put faces to such remarkable moments such as the dk kill screen.

i mean, wow. steve wiebe is the sweetest, dedicated, passionate, hard working mr. mom’s ever. seriously. that man will not wipe his son’s ass if it means that he might have the record breaking dk game score. honestly, that takes hardcore nerd action. whats even more pathetic is that his competitor, who sends in obviously rigged video tapes of him getting the higher score whenever steve trys to beat him, never shows his face and talks a bunch of crap about him. the movie was entertaining, to say the least. i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.