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sssssunday August 21, 2007

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with the fro in germany, i decided to get out and do something. i looked at sf weekly and found a favorable show at hemlock tavern. plus, it was a reason to get out and do something. i convinced michael & mary to come meet me at bacchus kirk, a good local hangout within walking distance of my place, for a drink or two.

hemlock tavern hosts shows every night in a “lake geneva” kind of a bar. it’s full of nature decor and there is a pretty sweet smoking room for the tar-lunged folks. **great idea, having the smoking room. it’s common in the sf area.

i went to bacchus by myself beforehand and gabbed with this really adoreable girl (who i complimented her earrings and it spawned a slew of conversations <of whom i have name my sf madelyn, as opposed to my ny madeline>).**apparently, madelyn lived in new york until a few years ago. funny since i have a madeline that lived in chicago and moved to new york.

grabbing sf madelyn’s number, i greeted michael & mary. we slammed a drink and had the “getting to know you” discussions, as mary and i unintentionally made michael feel like the third wheel. **i automatically like mary. she is very cute, loves make-up (and works as a make-up artists for sephora) and is basically rock&roll.

we head to hemlock for this so-called band and slam a few more amongst our chats. we ended up cutting it short and a visit to whiskey thieves, which apparently does not adhere to the no-smoking rule. **meh. i heard good things from this hilariously entertaining new jersey bartender in the wharf. sunday night it was boring and i didn’t like coming out of the bar, smelling like smoke.

michael & mary hinted that they may join my sister and i and the grand ol’ “80’s prom night” at the Great American Music Hall on friday. i cross my fingers because i know that meghan would love mary. plus, how fun would it be to have a big entourage to attend the even with.



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