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tuesday is almost wednesday. August 22, 2007

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after grabbing a bite to eat at the apt, i decided to be spontaneous and check out this “trivia night” at bacchus kirk, which has enticed me as i walk by the sign every tuesday. it was full of teams listening intently to the, what i thought as very difficult, questions. they have four different rounds, each with it’s own hilarity: name that face, name that tune, answer that trivia question, and all sorts. overall, a fun atmosphere for a tuesday night if you bring a bunch of your friends with you.

i arrived there and immediately recognized a very animated and loud chick, named lisa. she calls me heather. she is wonderful. she incorporates me into the already chosen team. i try to participate, but the questions are just too damn hard for my face. or i am just not that great at trivia. i guess it depends on what it is. at any rate, i had a pretty good time until this guy, of whom i have forgotten the name, started hitting on me. he kind of looked at least 27. when he chit-chatted with me enough to address the subject, i sadly admit that i would be turning a century and a half this year, 25. he then spitted out some quite obvious rehearsed jesters about his age until the truth of 34 appeared. upon this revelation, he tried extra hard to “hook, line and sinker.” instead, i slowly eased my way towards departure.

*sigh.  i miss my housemate.

next time, bring a group of peeps for the awesome, but challenging, trivia game. or don’t come on tuesdays.


sssssunday August 21, 2007

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with the fro in germany, i decided to get out and do something. i looked at sf weekly and found a favorable show at hemlock tavern. plus, it was a reason to get out and do something. i convinced michael & mary to come meet me at bacchus kirk, a good local hangout within walking distance of my place, for a drink or two.

hemlock tavern hosts shows every night in a “lake geneva” kind of a bar. it’s full of nature decor and there is a pretty sweet smoking room for the tar-lunged folks. **great idea, having the smoking room. it’s common in the sf area.

i went to bacchus by myself beforehand and gabbed with this really adoreable girl (who i complimented her earrings and it spawned a slew of conversations <of whom i have name my sf madelyn, as opposed to my ny madeline>).**apparently, madelyn lived in new york until a few years ago. funny since i have a madeline that lived in chicago and moved to new york.

grabbing sf madelyn’s number, i greeted michael & mary. we slammed a drink and had the “getting to know you” discussions, as mary and i unintentionally made michael feel like the third wheel. **i automatically like mary. she is very cute, loves make-up (and works as a make-up artists for sephora) and is basically rock&roll.

we head to hemlock for this so-called band and slam a few more amongst our chats. we ended up cutting it short and a visit to whiskey thieves, which apparently does not adhere to the no-smoking rule. **meh. i heard good things from this hilariously entertaining new jersey bartender in the wharf. sunday night it was boring and i didn’t like coming out of the bar, smelling like smoke.

michael & mary hinted that they may join my sister and i and the grand ol’ “80’s prom night” at the Great American Music Hall on friday. i cross my fingers because i know that meghan would love mary. plus, how fun would it be to have a big entourage to attend the even with.