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in need of a new horror series April 11, 2007

Posted by mrstetris in addiction, film, horror, puppet master.
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our weekly ritual of watching the demonic, cute, little puppets of andre toulon’s invention is coming to an end.  yes, i know it’s incredibly unfortunate.


now the search is on for a new series to capture our sunday amusement.  we need to satisfy our addiction.  suggestions are more than welcomed.


whose the baby daddy??? April 11, 2007

Posted by mrstetris in anna nicole, baby, celebrities, dna, howard k. stern.
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and the winner is….

oh god

oh joy. after massive amounts of speculation and monopolizing of the media, birkhead is anna nicole’s baby daddy.  let me muster up some enthusiasm.  finally this white trash charade is over with.

not only does he get to upstage howard k. stern by stealing his “precious” anna nicole memoribilia, a.k.a. daniellelynn, but:

“Dannielynn stands to inherit millions of dollars from the estate of Smith’s late husband, oil tycoon Howard Marshall II.”

sucks to be stern.

big changes ahead April 9, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in changes, future, life, san francisco.
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as of april 9, 2007, the future moves into motion for one patrick klepek.


more will be detailed when i, uh, know more of that future.

Ken Kutaragi says:


“Microsoft is trailing behind us, but they are not a threat. They are good at improving [on products], but we will be advancing to the next level with revolutionary technology…Microsoft shoots for the moon. Sony shoots for the sun.”

welcome to the porn…grindhouse April 6, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in babes, grindhouse, hot chicks, quentin tarantino, robert rodriguez, rosario dawson, rose mcgowen.

words are not needed.

mr. freeman, come experience some terror April 5, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in disney, gordon freeman, half-life, tower of terror.
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who needs disney land when you can just load Half-Life 2?

too bad i don’t have a computer capable of running that crap anymore. oh, valve, plz hurry up and port that bad boy to the xbox 360, so i can actually find out what happens in the next episode. aw, who am i kidding? they’ll never finish the second on.


me + new found glory = australia April 5, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in australia, awesome, down under, music, new found glory, the audition.
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well, sort of. my brother’s band is touring with new found glory, a band i thought died out after my middle school years, in the land down under. WEIRD. too bad i’m stuck trying to get through chapter 4 in spanish 103 at my local community college.  😦

 if you happen to be there

The Audition are invading Australia as openers for New Found Glory. You can find the tour dates below.

Tour Dates

April 5th- Brisbane – The Tivoli
April 6th- Sydney – Big Top Luna Park
April 7th- Melbourne – Billboard
April 8th- Melbourne – Palace
April 9th- Adelaide – HQ
April 10th- Perth – Metro City