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someone told me jesus loves pot March 19, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in bongs, bush, drugs, first amendment, free speech, jesus.

hurrah for free speech! even though the supreme court ruled school administrations had limited freedom in restricting students from expressing themselves, that individual right has wavered in ensuing decades. it’s no surprise that when someone protested with a self-professed humorous tag of ‘bong hits 4 jesus’ for no discernible reason other than to slag attention on himself. stupid? probably. wrong? please, god, let’s hope not.

As the Olympic torch was carried through the streets of Juneau on its way to the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City, students were allowed to leave the school grounds to watch. The school band and cheerleaders performed. With television cameras focused on the scene, Mr. Frederick and some friends unfurled a 14-foot-long banner with the inscription: “Bong Hits 4 Jesus.”

The Bush administration entered the case on the side of the principal and the Juneau School Board, which are both represented by Kenneth W. Starr, the former solicitor general and independent counsel. His law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, is handling the appeal without a fee. Mr. Starr and Edwin S. Kneedler, a deputy solicitor general who will present the government’s view, will share argument time on Monday. The National School Board Association, two school principals’ groups, and several antidrug organizations also filed briefs on the school board’s side.

“Holy moly, look at this! To get drugs we can eliminate free speech in schools?” is how Robert A. Destro, a law professor at Catholic University, described his reaction to the briefs for the school board when the Liberty Legal Institute asked him to consider participating on the Mr. Frederick’s behalf. He quickly signed on.

Having worked closely with Republican administrations for years, Mr. Destro said he was hard pressed to understand the administration’s position. “My guess is they just hadn’t thought it through,” he said in an interview. “To the people who put them in office, they are making an incoherent statement.”



1. mason armstrong - April 3, 2007

First of all Kenneth W. Starr is a worthless overpayed ninny who has no life but to try to ruin other people lives publicly. Second i dont think Mr. Frederick should have got into any trouble at all. For one he wasnt in school when the parade happened that and i dont think the message has really anything to do with drugs. Besides even if the message did involve drug relations then it still shouldnt matter, what happened to our rights as american citizens. the last time i checked i didnt think we left our rights as american citizens at the front door to the school. This just proves even more that we live in a facist country and the goverment only cares about themselves and how the people look at them today.

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