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would you pay $3,500 to meet michael jackson? March 8, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in crazy, fame, japan, king of pop, michael jackson, money, wacko jacko.

maybe if i was an attention-starved child in need of a good molesting. god, i’m going to hell, but that’s what people paid when the former king of pop showed up in japan.

    Amid a lavish party filled with fans, impersonators, orphans and handicapped children, Michael Jackson said Thursday that he wouldn’t change the path of his career despite “deliberate attempts to hurt me.”

    The reclusive pop star, in Tokyo for several “fan appreciation events,” was the guest of honor at a party where about 400 people paid $3,500 each for a buffet dinner, a show featuring several Japanese Jackson impersonators and a chance to take photos with Jackson. More than 100 orphans and handicapped children were invited for free.

    Wearing sunglasses and dressed in a black-and-gold Roberto Cavalli suit, Jackson appeared on the stage at the end of the six-hour party to read a brief thank-you note.

    Some of the paying customers Thursday said the tickets were a bit too steep. “It is expensive,” said Yoko Iizuka, a copywriter who works in Tokyo. “But I’ve loved his music since I was a kid.”

    Others were eager to fork over the 400,000 yen.

    “You can’t put a price tag on this,” said Jenny Sasaki, who arrived in a fur coat and sequined gown. “I love Michael Jackson, his music, his sensitivity and his humanity.”



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