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the war on terror needs the ‘vomit gun’ March 7, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in army, guns, terror, vomit, weapons.

tell me i’m not crazy. when i first read the headline for this story, i’d imagine the army was developing some sort of fucked up projectile vomiting machine, rather than something that actually causes people to vomit, which, of course, might be a useful psychological (and physical) distraction to have on your side. still, i wish it was my original idea.

“Yes, Invocon Inc., funded by a Navy contract is developing a weapon that can shoot invisible beams through walls and cause people to get dizzy and fall over. The beam can also cause motion-sickness that can induce vomiting. The gun shoots RF energy that excites and interrupts a human’s hearing and equilibrium. This gun isn’t really being developed as a way to harm individuals, but just to incapacitate people and embarrasses them if they vomit easily from motion sickness. Call me a little twisted, but this could be mighty fun in a public place.” — gizmodo



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