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lost co-creator to adapt DARK TOWER to tv/film February 16, 2007

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PLEASE DON’T FUCK THIS UP (from Coming Soon)

“The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed an earlier IGN story that said Stephen King and J.J. Abrams are in talks to bring King’s “Dark Tower” book series to the screen.

They are not sure, however, if the project will be a feature film or a TV series. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company has a first-look deal at Paramount for film projects and a deal with Warner Bros. Television for TV projects. The project is not yet set up at either company.

The trade adds that King’s tale — which sprawls across seven books as it blends the fantasy, sci-fi, horror and Western genres — might seem better suited for a multiple-episode television treatment. On the other hand, its potential cost might call for a large-scale cinematic treatment.

It is also unclear whether Abrams would take on the project solely as a producer or whether he would direct as well.”



1. Bonnie Sheehy - March 28, 2007

maybe this is what you were looking for? This is the Big Talk i guess hu!!
ATV series would be the shit!!!

2. james weiss - May 10, 2007

i havent yet finished all of the book but i think that this would be a great movie as long as the producers or directer dosnt loose the real insight of the story. but i would love to see this in motion pitures.

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