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ex gf problems: she destroyed my 4 computers February 6, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in awesome, computers, ex gf, women, wtf.

well, not really. i don’t even own four computers. but this dude didn’t have much luck when his previous fling decided to stay up for two days straight on meds and freak out on her current bed tromp. the result: she tossed four computers off the side of a building, taking out a chair in its wake and killing four small asian school children. thanks digg.

I had 4 computers doing folding (what is folding? – www.grid.org) on my ex’s balcony in her highrise apt, and she supposedly got into some problems with her current BF and threw all of them off the building, and here are the photos to show what’s left of it…. after 50lbs going through a 200ft fall. I’m glad no one was killed…… These machines have been dedicated folding machine for couple of years, I did not see the end coming like this.

she ate too much cough medications and had a reaction, which caused her not to EAT OR SLEEP for 2 days and nights. There was a fight with her BF but that’s also caused by drugs I believe. and too many people ask about the electricty questions. Somebody pay for her electricty, I have to pay for my own which is more than 200 a month. Clear? Sometimes i have to run those machines somewhere else.




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