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i want to be a cylon. February 27, 2007

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who doesn’t want to look this hot


every weekend pk and i catch up on battlestar, slowly creeping towards the most recent season.  it’s addicting to say the least.  i constantly become persuaded that perhaps i too am i cylon.

right now, president laura almost died from her cancer.  some random idea to end sharon’s pregnancy caused gaius baltar to review the baby’s dna, the cure to cancer?!  i almost became verklempt when i thought laura was going to kick the bucket.  especially after adama and her had a cute moment together and shared a little peck.  *tear


aliens emerging from giant hole in guatemala February 23, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in aliens, apocalypse, death, earth, guatemala, hole.

no, i’m serious. about everything except the alien part. well, at least…for now. but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a giant hole that tore itself open in the earth’s soil in guatemala today, sucking an entire house with it. they couldn’t even do a search for the bodies for several hours because the hole was so deep and “noises” were coming out of it.

that is some freaky shit. the article’s in norweigan, so you’ll have to stick with pictures.

SUMMON THE KRAKEN! February 23, 2007

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or, in this case, a giant squid (thanks, digg…again) we are one step closer to discovering a megoladon (try to imagine JAWS, except he’s like a 100x bigger, meaner and lives deep in the ocean — or is, at least, speculated to, given that he was supposed to have gone extinct millions of years ago).

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand fishermen may have caught the largest Colossal squid ever found — weighing around 450kg (992 pounds) and with rings the size of tyres.

The adult Colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) was caught by fishermen long lining for toothfish in deep ocean off Antarctica, New Zealand Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton said on Thursday in announcing the catch.

The squid was still alive when caught and was eating a hooked toothfish when hauled aboard, Anderton said in a statement.

“The squid was almost dead when it reached the surface, and the careful work of the crew was paramount in getting this specimen aboard in good condition,” Anderton said.

darth vader: samurai edition February 23, 2007

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man, that’s just plain cool. from the website description (thanks, digg):

“創業まもなく300年になろうという老舗 吉徳から、シスの暗黒卿ダースヴェーダーのマスクを模った観賞用兜が登場。 もともと日本鎧のイメージに近いデザインだけに違和感がなさ過ぎます。武将の兜に欠かせない「ツノ」部分はちゃんと銀河帝国の紋章に。

考案したのは聞けば納得の造型師 竹谷隆之 氏。最初に見かけたときは単なる良くできた立体作品と思っていましたが、まさか吉徳から正式ライセンス商品として登場するとは思いませんでした。暗黒面に堕ちるにもほどがあります。発売は夏、3月上旬から予約開始予定。”

yeah, i don’t know what the fuck that means, either.

britney’s bringin’ sexy back YEAP February 23, 2007

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seriously, someone take her kids away — even if it does put them in the hands of someone lik K-Fed. it really can’t be any worse. god, i hate celebrity-ism, yet i monitor it on a daily basis.

such is my sad existence.

shoutout to jfk February 21, 2007

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nostalgic, conspiracy theorists continue to speculate the terrible tragedy
of JFK upon review of this new 8 mm film donated to the Sixth Floor Museum
yesterday, commemorating president’s day.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

there are so many theories regarding the assisination of president john f. kennedy. most involve major parties including the cia, mafia, lyndon johnson, richard nixon, etc. however, they are just theories. lee harvey oswald took the blame. end of story.don’t look into this film too much. it’s just a pre-assassination 90 second clip. interesting and unique, sense it’s new to the public, but that’s about it.

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the best part of mardi gras: boobs! February 21, 2007

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note: this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK at all.

yet, despite that warning, i will censor the teaser image for you, anyway.  for the rest, head over to the subtley titled “titties of mardi gras.”thank you, flickr!

i love LOST and LOST cakery February 20, 2007

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yeah, kt pretty much rules. birthdays are pretty sweet, too. except turning 22. darn.

and, yes, in the last photo, that is my roommate pretending to be the black mist. lolz all around.

garfield’s actually pretty funny February 19, 2007

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when you completely change it, that is.

three rounds of WTF pictures February 18, 2007

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