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futurama is back, baby! January 30, 2007

Posted by patrick.klepek in awesome, cartoons, futurama, humor, simpsons.

screw The Simpsons and Family Guy — the best animated show that used to be on TV and has tragically been relegated to the DVD space and a terrible videogame spin-off is Futurama. but, thankfully, the series is about to come back, thanks to Fox’s renewed interest in the series, which turned into four straight-to-DVD movies, which turned into Comedy Central picking up the series for new episodes (thanks If It’s Movies), which turned into translating these new movies into an all-new season. HELL GOD DAMN MOTHER F’ING YES.

“I was frustrated when it got cancelled, but Fox, 20th Television is the one who came back and said, ‘Would you like to do a DVD movie?’” Groening recalled. We said, ‘Let’s do two’ and they said, ‘Well, why not three?’ and we said, ‘Well, why not four?’ and they said, ‘Okay, four’ and then that’s it.” — series creator Matt Groening

i’d alread known this was happening, but I had to relay it once again — best news of 2007, even if we might not even see any of the new content, um, during 2007.



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