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mobile frustration January 3, 2007

Posted by mrstetris in Uncategorized.

i am waiting for my contract with verizon to expire, as of february 1st, and i wanted to switch to cingular. well, it turns out that cingular will now be renamed at&t.

why can’t consumers purchase the phone seperately, then choose the cell phone provider? with all of the additional expenses of owning a new high-tech phone, your pocketbook becomes empty by the time your bill comes knocking down your door. when you finally splurge and purchase the new-fangled pda at $399, of course, with the signing of a 2-year contract, you find yourself purchasing additional programs, ringtones, insurance, etc. it’s ridiculous!

and the extra fees and taxes piled on to my normal $59.99/month plan?! i end up spending at least $15-20 extra, per month. i am not even sure what half of the fees are on my bill.

wired.com reported:

Mobile companies were the No. 2 sector in complaints last year to Better Business Bureaus, dropping from first place in 2002. Only auto dealers did worse.

maybe i am better off not owning a cell phone at all.

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8. Jeff - July 18, 2007

good post thanks.

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