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oh taco hell… December 7, 2006

Posted by mrstetris in e coli, food, mexican, taco bell, Uncategorized.

i was completely entertained to by this new article:

taco bell ordered scallions removed from its 5,800 u.s. restaurants wednesday after tests suggested they may be responsible for the e. coli outbreak that has sickened at least three dozen people in three states…


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hmm…i think i will pass on that new-fangled taco hell breakfast. you know, now that i think about it, the last time i consumed some trashy wannabe mexican tb, i became very ill and felt like vomitting.

all this talk about food make me want a delicious, savory veggie burrito from the god-like palace of chipotle!

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1. pk - December 7, 2006

you act like you won’t have a chunchwrap supreme next time we just so happen to run by a taco bell. it is your destiny.

2. kt - December 7, 2006

hmms…well, if we ever visit mall of america again, then i will splurge with a purchase of such a thing. otherwise, i think i will stick to what i know: taco bell makes me sick!

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