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taco bell serving BREAKFAST food?? December 6, 2006

Posted by patrick.klepek in breakfast, food, mexican, poop, taco bell.

oh man, that’d be one bad ass april fool’s joke. weirdly, it’s actually true.

i have enough trouble stomaching taco bell more than once a month when the idea’s spurred from someone else and their $1 menu manages to get my stomach to forget the last time it ingested taco bell’s rat meat — and to consider they may market themselves as a breakfast establishment is enough to asshole burning already. thing is, i legitimately do like some of their food. just not enough to justify it to my bowels.

72 percent of Taco Bell customers surveyed during the past month said they buy breakfast from a fast-food restaurant.

srsly — who the fuck are you people? in any case, apparently taco bell will be rolling out the breakfast options in a few markets early next year. the hunt begins!



1. kt - December 6, 2006

vomit in the morning, vomit in the evening, vomit at supper time…
with toco bells rat meat food, you can vomit at any time!

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