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independent movies kind of suck December 5, 2006

Posted by patrick.klepek in 9/11, celebrities, halo, indie movies, movies, scarlett johansson, video games, women.

holy shit links!!111111111

the title? well, it’s sometimes true. independent movies by nature have a tendency to be a little self-righteous.

kt and i sat down to watch art school confidential over the weekend in-between blowing through the excellent serial killer showtime series dexter — at least let me point out it was her choice, though i vaguely remember watching the film’s trailer (hm, link) due to john malkovich’s involvement. unsurprisingly, he was the best part of the movie. and the only wholly worthwhile part, really, as the dialog reeked of an art student who thought it’d be hilarious to make a movie about his enlightenment about the art process while at school, wrapped alongside the various stereotypes he’d observed. too bad he couldn’t move past his own pretentiousness to be entertaining past the first 20 minutes. everyone in the movie’s a hopless dick. bad movies aren’t worth wasting words on, though.

back in reality, i actually just finished penning a review of accidentally hilarious pocket racers for gamespy, one of the few websites i occasionally contribute to outside of 1UP for some extra cash around christmas time. seriously, pocket racers may have one of the greatest storylines of all time:

“You and your friends were the life of the party until a mysterious Soul Reaver showed up and turned you into tiny cars. The stakes are high – race for your life and save the lives of your friends or lose your soul forever. It’s a high speed chase and you are in the driver’s seat to control your fate. Be sure to cross that finish line in time or you and your friends will really be running on empty.”

i truly wish i was joking. no, wait, i don’t. thank you, konami!


1. TV - December 6, 2006

You should link to that review. Its pretty awesome.

Tiny cars….

2. jason - January 7, 2007

You rock! I hate that Indie crap.

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