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congraturation — leaf shield acquired November 28, 2006

Posted by patrick.klepek in Uncategorized.

well, so. instead of creating a blog with the specific purpose of accomplishing one set of mundane (i mean, exciting) tasks and forging an online scrapbook of sorts in this virtual blogosphere thinger, kt and pk have decided to compile all of their mundane adventures into one central location: as such, this incoherently mega man-inspired parking spot on the internet has been claimed.

no idea when there’ll actually be something worth looking at, but how come fucking gas stations are selling playstation 3s for $1200 and i end up giving mine away to my cousins at cost?



1. kt - November 29, 2006

what’s really sad is that pk actually had a ps3 in his possession and attempted to sell it on ebay. it only went for $800 and he ended up sell it at face value to a relative. well, two 8-10 year olds saved their allowance and birthday money all year for the purchase of a ps3, so i guess pk made a philanthropic gesture towards his cousins.

but still, a random gas station selling such a scarce, high-demanded item for twice it’s worth….what is this world coming to?

i guess the lesson learned is: money can be spent, a kind gesture lasts forever.

2. Jo - November 29, 2006

Hm I guess since we are all using initials here I will follow the crowd. But anyhow it seems like some sap bought a PS3 then decided to skip eBay and just see if he could rip off one of the locals.

By the way PK if I had a cousin as cool as you I would be making Mii’s and hacking fools with my master sword ^_^

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